House artists/labels interviews - Can you help ?

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Publié le: 30 janvier 2014

This post is for my UK/US followers:

Though my reviews are written in French, I know that 20-25% of the people visiting Mix Collectors are using a browser with English language.

In a way to give more exposure to my website and to the artists/labels I'm talking about on the blog, I would like to offer more posts published in UK/US language.

Recently I have done my first Mix Collectors interview with Groove Junkies, written in English.
I hope you have liked it.

Nevertheless I don't feel myself enough comfortable with UK/US languages to publish more interviews without some help.

I'm looking for some music fans ready to contribute to the development of the blog, helping me in the redaction of some interviews with House artists. It will sure not request an huge investment of time for you, since I can prepare myself 90% of the things but I would need someone to correct and improve some sentences of the future interviews.

I would like to find an English native speaker to be sure he or she will understand enough all the idioms and nuances of this language.

Please contact me at if you can help.

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