Neil Pierce & Sy Sez feat. Taliwa : Relax

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Publié le: 28 janvier 2015

Full Support : Release Date 2nd February 2015

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Neil Pierce & Sy Sez feat. Taliwa : Relax

2015 - Room Control Records

Neil Pierce & Sy Sez feat. Taliwa : Relax


Record-Label Info

Neil and Sy bring you a killer soulful track featuring the incredible song writing and vocal talents of Taliwa.
When you get a team like Neil Pierce and Sy Sez collaborating on a project with funky soulful house music and song, you get an incredible release like "Relax". Centered around the talented Talliwa and her sultry tones that have made her a giant in soulful dance, the song captivates you and showcases a bevy of talent in every area. You will love the way the song moves and flows with peak time direct energy. "Relax" bumps with a funky bass line, brilliant synth and organ production, and perky drums that will make this song sit at the top of your playlist.


Manutek's Review

Enfin une news sur Room Control, le label de Dave C. désormais distribué par Quantize Records.

Neil Pierce et Sy Sez retrouve la chanteuse Taliwa pour ce titre mélangeant les styles Soulful, Deep House et même Electro je trouve.

La belle voix de Taliwa fait clairement la différence sur ce morceau plutôt électronique.

Un Dub instrumental complète l'Original MixStar du package promo.

My selection:

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