Mix Collectors

If you like Soulful & Deep House records from the 90’s, you will sure appreciate the Mix Collectors blog run by French House head Manutek.

After more than 25 years, seeking, buying, playing records… Manutek is sharing with us a part of his huge collection of rare 12″, promos and limited editions, by posting extended musical reviews in french language.

The main concept of Mix Collectors is supporting House Music artists, DJ’s, record-labels, providing informations to the House Fans about smash hits, hard 2 find releases and deleted tracks.


Mix Collectors is an independent blog talking about Soulful, Deep House and Garage music from the 90’s up to now, run by Manutek who worked during the 90’s as a music critic and columnist for the #1 DJ magazine in France, Only For DJ’s that is still active today.

With the help of his friends, artists, DJ’s or just music fellas from all around the world, Manutek is keeping Mix Collectors as the #1 Soulful House blog in French language.

If you try/use the French version of Google and enter the name of some releases reviewed on Mix Collectors, you will surely find them at the top page results.



ManutekMusic fan, former mobile DJ and record collector, Manutek « falls » into House music in 1988.
Columnist during the 90’s for the #1 french DJ magazine « Only For DJ’s », his passion has led him to meet some of the artists or DJ’s that he appreciated the most, sharing with them his love for vocal productions and beautiful melodies.

Manu had a monthly review named Vocal Station in this mag where he used to give some large place to vocal house productions with beautiful voices and rich melodies.


In 1999, he moved to Poland where he’s living in the capital Warsaw and has founded his own company in exporting/importing of food products.

Manutek is still writing music reviews since 2005 on different forums or blogs, and launched in 2007 his own website named « Mix Collectors » then moved to WordPress in 2011.
He is also deejaying and remixing some tracks in his spare time and music will always stay a passion for this Soulful, Deep House and Garage addict.

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