Ars Domini : Take It Back

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Full Support : Release Date 17th March 2015

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Ars Domini : Take It Back

2015 – Grooveland Music

Ars Domini : Take It Back


Record-Label Info

Brazilian trio Ars Domini make their fantastic Grooveland Music debut with ‘Take It Back’, a catchy feel-good, Latin fused slice of Soulful House with warm keys, sunshine beats and smooth vocals. Also featured on the package are remixes from fellow Brazilian artists, 2Deep & Soul, who inject some mean bassline action; Alex Cristiano creates a deeper groove, teased with ethereal synth washes; and DJeff Kazukuta adds his magical afrocentic flavours into the mix with sublime key works over a delicious organic Afro beat.

Ars Domini is a Soulful House project formed by Ricardo Cassal, vocalist and music producer, Andre Andreo, pianist and music producer and Glauco Antonioli, DJ and music producer. Formed in 2009, Ars Domini express their art through electronic music, mixing various elements of soul music, lounge music, Brazilian music and Rock n Roll. Ricardo Cassal is the vocalist and his musical influences led him to play in several bands around Sao Paulo, spanning Rock, Pop, Soul and Reggae genres. Andre Andreo has been a music producer for over 20 years. Trained in classical piano, the musician has lot of licensed songs in some lounge compilations like Café Del Mar. Glauco Antonioli is DJ for over 20 years. He was programmer for two key radio stations in Brazil, Jovem Pan and Transamerica. He was resident dj in clubs like Gallery, Krypton, Victoria Pub, Up & Down, Café De La Musique, The History, Le Rêve, to name a few.

« Music for us goes far beyond the hearing. It is the feeling that enables us to reach our ultimate goal of elevating the spirit ». – Ars Domini

Brazil’s soulful imprint Grooveland Music was established in 2006 and boasts a wonderful repertoire of soulful music of all shapes and sizes. Their releases include artists such as Dom Navarra, Jay Tripwire, BSC, Soulbasics, DJ Garphie, Michelle McCain, Carlos Vargas and label boss Edground, among others. Grooveland has grown to become a clothing label, radio show and house parties. For more info on the store visit.


Manutek’s Review

Nouvelle excellente production du trio brésilien Ars Domini composé de Ricardo Cassal, Andre Andreo et Glauco Antonioli qui me fait le plaisir de publier régulièrement dans le groupe Soulful Exclusive que j’anime sur Facebook.

L’Original Mix de Take It Back est une superbe ballade Soulful assez rythmée et enjouée. La voix de Ricardo sublime le morceau.

J’ai particulièrement apprécié les remixes de Djeff Kazukuta, pour l’utilisation d’un synth lead enivrant omniprésent sur cette version, plus quelques sonorités low-fi en background qui donnent un petit côté pumpin’ au morceau.

Le Djeff Kazukuta Instrumental vous permettra d’ailleurs de prolonger le plaisir et de mieux découvrir la qualité de l’instrumentation choisie.

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