Cranky Owls : Times Up

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Full Support : Release Date November 08th 2013

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Cranky Owls : Times Up

2013 – More House

Cranky Owls : Times Up


Record-Label Info

Cranky Owls is the new collaborative brainchild born from the twisted minds of Evan Landes (aka Groove Junkies, Nimble Digits) and Keith Evan (Ambassadors, House Society, Mi Casa Es Su Casa). The tongue in cheek name evokes imagery of wise, nocturnal creatures who never seem to get enough sleep. Ornery, but lovable at the same time! Suffice to say that the name is appropriate and the union of these two industry veterans was kismet! The melding of their respective musical styles is a unique blend of House music that is deep, soulful and quirky in nature, with a concentrated focus on what moves the dance floor. The fellas first offering is an hypnotic 8 minute journey simply titled « Times Up » – a subtle reminder and wake up call for all House purists to open their minds to converging styles of house music. Clocking in at a groov e friendly 120 BPM, « Times Up » is a bumpin’ deep house affair that’s been road tested and is versatile enough to work in the main room, as well as more intimate settings. As the title would imply, it could also serve as a perfect set closer. “Times Up” features vocal contributions from the ‘Owls’ themselves and a lil’ help from a lady with the midas touch, Solara. The package includes three variations of the ‘Last Call Mix’ and a handy Spoken Acapella DJ Tool.


Manutek’s Review

Le nouveau Groove Junkies est arrivé.
Nous vous en parlions en exclu dans la précédente interview d’Evan Landes, Times Up est un morceau composé avec son compère Keith Evan.

De la bonne House, façon club sans pour autant tomber dans les mélodies commerciales et usitées.
J’adore la grosse basse, grasse et acide qui nous renvoie à la fin des 80’s ou à des morceaux au beat plus lent comme ceux des frères Burrell sur Nu Groove.

La partie vocale est minimaliste et c’est bien le groove qui drive ce morceau sur plus de 8 minutes.
4 versions dans ce promo, dont ma préférée restera le Last Call Mix With Spoken Words:star:

My selection:

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