Distant People feat. Nontu : Summer Time

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Full Support : Release Date 30th May 2014

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Distant People feat. Nontu : Summer Time

2014 – Tony Records

Distant People feat. Nontu : Summer Time


Record-Label Info

Tony Records presents its newest single by Distant People aka DJ Joey Silvero titled « Summer Time » featuring upcoming South African singer, Nontu. We received this record from Distant People last winter but because of its lyrics we held on to it and worked on remixes in order to release it in the summer season. Now it’s definitely the right time and we think this song will be perfect for any summer event.

There is no need for presentation when it comes to internationally renown UK producer Distant People whose deep/soulful productions have been released on a wide range of labels including, Quantize, Large, Tribe, Sole Channel, Purple, Foliage, Arima and many more.

Adding to this single are additional Remixes by: Magic Soul from South Africa with their deep/hyped version. Drive Red 5 who has taken the song to the next level appealing also to big dancefloors worldwide. Kekkotronics from Irma Records who has delivered a very jazzy/musical mix. Last but not least, Wayne Brown from the famous Italian clubs Echoes and Ethos Mama, bringing a different deep house groove to the song.

Hope you enjoy it!


Manutek’s Review

Un nouveau Distant People ? Je suis preneur !

Rarement déçu par les productions de Joey Silvero, je me lançais éperdument à l’écoute de ce package promo de 6 mixes, à venir sur le label de Tony Humphries.

L’Original Mix est plutôt plaisant avec un bon beat et surtout une excellente prestation vocale de la jeune chanteuse Sud Africaine Nontu Xulu.

Ce sont les remixes italiens qui ont retenu mon attention avec ceux tout d’abord de Kekkotronics (Francesco Montefiori) dans un style Jazzy House largement inspiré des productions Acid Jazz des années 90’s je trouve, puis celui des Drive Red 5 qui nous délivrent une version House très percutante, plus adaptée aux clubs généralistes.

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