DJ Able starring Hannah Kemoh : Ain’t Got Time

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Full Support : Release Date 28th January 2014

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DJ Able starring Hannah Kemoh : Ain’t Got Time

2014 – Tony Records

DJ Able starring Hannah Kemoh : Ain't Got Time


Record-Label Info

Happy New Year Folks! To start off 2014, Tony Records presents its first single of the year ‘Ain’t Got Time’ by London based house DJ and producer, DJ Able featuring singer Hannah Khemoh. This song was initially introduced to us by another London based DJ/Producer, Sy Sez, during the IPM conference in Rome last July. In our opinion, it was already wicked and we were immediately drawn to the catchy hook and vocal ability of singer Hannah, so we decided to sign it and have more remixes done.

In this package we include the original mixes that have been very successful in our rotation and during Tony Humphries’ Holiday tour, as well as a few new remixes that add diversity to cater to different DJ styles.

The end result is a variety of sounds verging from the hype deep house remix by Ricky Montanari & Holly to the underground remix by Toro that is sure to get the house heads in a frenzy with its transcending synths and heavy bass line. And right in the middle is Kekkotronics & Holly’s soulful remix with its funky vibe and jazzy chords. Hope you enjoy it!


Manutek’s Review

Encore une bonne release à venir sur Tony Records, le label de Tony Humphries.

J’avoue humblement que je connaissais ni DJ Able, ni la chanteuse Hannah Kemoh.

L’Original Mix est dynamique, assez pumpin’ avec une belle prestation vocale et un refrain entraînant. Tony reconnait avoir signé ce titre après l’avoir testé avec efficacité durant sa dernière tournée.

Le package de remixes comprend deux versions deep, plutôt dark, que je n’ai pas retenues pour cette sélection mais heureusement les italiens de Kekkotronics nous offrent un mix soulful et funky de bonne facture pour cette revue.

J’aime particulièrement la rythmique et la partie fretted de leur version.

My selection:

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  1. Kekkotronics Remix pour moi !

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