Groove Addix feat. Angel Rose : Dancing For My Life

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Full Support : Release Date 23rd December 2013

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Groove Addix feat. Angel Rose : Dancing For My Life

2013 – Gotta Keep Faith

Groove Addix feat. Angel Rose : Dancing For My Life


Record-Label Info

A wonderful song written by Dewey Andrew Cioffi and composed by Sean Grasty & Rikky Rivera found its home on GOTTA KEEP FAITH Records. The project bring his life from a classical vocal house, the “Original Mix” that is enriched by some fresh remixes.

The Allovers brothers from Russia have done a very soulful remix and we’re sure will touch your hearth. Same style but a little bit faster was followed by Zulu’s At Work for the “Club Time Mix” rather than some deep sounds for the Dub Mix. Another quality remix was delivered by Mr. Lee Tristram, for the first time on GKF Records.

Then it’s the time for another remix from UK by Dee C’Rell that for the occasion has packed a song quietly electronic that gives the right mood for certain dancefloors. Complete the package an Acapella version that will be available only buying the entire album.


Manutek’s Review

Le nouveau disque du duo Sean Grasty & Rikky Rivera (Groove Addix) sort prochainement sur l’excellent label Gotta Keep Faith.

La voix de la chanteuse Angel Rose convient parfaitement au style Soulful et bien que j’ai moyennement apprécié la version originale, quelques remixes ont attiré mon attention.

Tout d’abord le Zulu’s At Work Club Time Mix, dans un style entre deep et soulful, mais surtout le remix pumpin’ des russes d’Allowers.

Leur son mélange sonorités électroniques, fx’s et un bon mastering de la partie vocale.

Ce duo venu du froid commence à se faire remarquer sur la scène House et l’on espère les revoir très prochainement sur de nouvelles productions.

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