Legonaut feat. Melanie Estella : Rainbow

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Full Support : Release Date July 25th 2013

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Legonaut feat. Melanie Estella : Rainbow

2013 – Proceed Records

Record-Label Info

Italy’s Proceed Records presents a soulful house music single from Legonaut, a new project from the Rome-based duo of Eugene and DJ Giovannino, two talented artists known for a refined musical taste combined with international experience. For the uplifting “Rainbow,” the pair have teamed up with vocalist Melanie Estella, previously heard on the Proceed single “Shout It Out,” a collaboration with Proceed’s proprietor DJ Haldo. Her lovely voice anchors “Rainbow” working the solid rhythms and rousing bass line to help create a feel-good summer anthem-in-the-making.

Remixes include Haldo’s appropriately titled Dream Mix – with its gorgeous keys and warm low end – and prolific Proceed remixer Odo Makes A Smile creating a more electronic, but still deep, version that introduces a spacey vocoder to Melanie’s vocals. It’s another stunning house music single from Proceed Records just in time for those moonlit pool parties … dive in.

Manutek’s Review

Sympathique production italienne par Eugene et DJ Giovannino.

Si l’Original Mix reste dans un style assez ‘House commerciale’, j’ai particulièrement apprécié le Dream Mix:star: d’Haldo, deep et planant, très doux à l’écoute.

Melanie Estella est une belle blonde italienne assez connue dans les clubs italiens et qui a notamment performé avec notre Bob Sinclar national. Elle était également sur Shout It Out, le précédent titre du label de DJ Haldo, Proceed Records.

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