Mena Keys & Marlon D : Life LP

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Full Support : Release Date 23th May 2014

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Mena Keys & Marlon D : Life LP

2014 – Room Control Records

Mena Keys & Marlon D : Life LP


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The music world will tragically miss Mena Keys and his amazing gifts. His music continues through time and Room Control is honored to bring you this LP. Marlon D and Mena , as a team, are undisputed. This promo gifts you with many of the team’s collaboration. Many are already dance history, and some are new for your enjoyment and are an audio legacy.

The LP includes “It’s Your Life”, the song with lyrics about owning your life with hope and promise. It’s hook is infectious with energetic music and soul featuring vocals from Emory. “Ride the Storm” is beautiful a instrumental that drives with drums and keyboard musicianship. It will have you dancing with a smile. “Love Somebody” has both dazzling vocals and spoken words featuring Love Duet (Pepper & Emory). It is a masterpiece of peak hour soulful house with drums that pounce you with Mena’s stunning piano work from . “Hands In The Air” is another release from the duo that will captivate your dance floor for real. It’s percolating drums are an exception with an unrelenting energetic song . “We Need Your Power” is a gospel house gem that gives praise and worship in lyrical testimony by John A. Garner. Add in “Say It” with featured vocals by Dee Holloway that are a pure example of soulful house song and dance. Then there are three unreleased songs on this LP. “Landscape” is another great composition with intricate instrumentation and drum programming, “De Gorgeous” is a vibrant instrumental complete with sax solos and Mena’s compelling key work, and “Jazzy Festival” that shows off the duo’s diversity. It rolls right to the floor with Latin house flavors.
All in all this is an exceptional LP from an exceptional duo.


Manutek’s Review

Malgré la disparition l’année dernière de George Mena, certaines de ses productions avec Marlon D, sortent encore aujourd’hui sous le pseudo de Mena Keys, comme cet album à venir sur Room Control.

Life est un LP de 10 tracks regroupant le meilleur du duo, avec quelques inédits.

On retrouvera donc les classics It’s Your Life, Love Somebody, We Need His Power, Hands In The Air et le pétillant Say It de la chanteuse Dee Holloway.

Côté news, Ride The Storm est un superbe instrumental jazzy avec le joué de piano majestueux du regretté George Mena.

Dans un style proche et enlevé, De Gorgeous, avec deux belles prestations d’orgue hammond et de saxo.

Landscape est quant à lui un morceau deep et planant, qui tourne rapidement Soulful avec l’arrivée d’une guitare funky.

Pour finir, Jazz Festival nous offre une section cuivre des plus riches et joliment travaillée au delay.

Un joli package rétrospectif de la carrière trop courte de ce duo de producteurs magique.
On regrettera tout de même l’absence du fabuleux titre ‘Wanna Be Yours’, signé sur MK Records et qui fut l’un de mes coups de cœur de l’année 2011.

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