Peppe Citarella : The Flute

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Full Support : Release Date February 2015

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Peppe Citarella : The Flute

2014 – Tony Records

Peppe Citarella : The Flute


Record-Label Info

Tony Records is proud to present our latest single titled ‘The Flute’ by Peppe Citarella. He is one of our very own DJ/Producers and has offered this track as a follow up to last summer’s hit Quimbara.

The 90’s Mix showcases the mesmerizing flute melodies of skilled flautist, Francesco Desiato, all surrounded by 90’s inspired keys and dramatic strings to create an awesome musical climax. Next is the Afro Mix featuring booming afro drums and percussions intertwined with African chants that are sure to get hips moving. Also included as DJ tools are the Afro Mix Edit and the Afro Beatapella. Hope you enjoy!


Manutek’s Review

Je liste trop rarement des morceaux instrumentaux sur Mix Collectors mais cette production de Peppe Citarella à venir sur Tony Records m’a particulièrement emballé.

Magnifique solo de flûte traversière par Francesco Desiato, autour duquel Peppe construit une ambiance Soulful sur le 90’s Mix:star: et plus tribale avec l’Afro Mix.

Deux versions de grande qualité à vous procurer très prochainement.

My selection:

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