Soulful Session feat. Lizzie Nightingale : Before The Night Is Over

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Full Support : Release Date October 2014

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Soulful Session : Before The Night Is Over

2014 – Tony Records

Soulful Session feat. Lizzie Nightingale : Before The Night Is Over


Record-Label Info

Just in time for the end of the summer, Tony Records is proud to present our latest single ‘Before The Night Is Over’ by our very own Soulful Session featuring the sensual and captivating vocals of British singer Lizzie Nightingale. This package is ideal for the season, since it displays the breathy and enchanting vocals of Nightingale perfectly mixed with nostalgic melodies and grooves.

First up is the Libation mix by NY DJ/Producer Ian Friday with a killer samba bass line and congas, Caribbean chords, and hypnotic synth leads sure to get hips moving. Second up is the classy Rightside mix with sophisticated keys, groovy bass, and mesmerizing synths. Next up is the hype Redsoul Remix by UK DJ/Producer Dave Wareing a.k.a. Redsoul with a booming 90’s synth bass line and deep synth chords. Also included is the Schooly’s Quarter2Midnight Mix with a funky bass line, modern synths, and mellow keys. Finally, we have the Original mix with its bewitching bass line, classic keys, and charming chimes. Goodbye Summer! Enjoy!


Manutek’s Review

Encore un nouveau Soulful Session à venir sur le label de Tony Humphries.

Comme d’hab, Simon Phillips nous régale de superbes arrangements sur l’Original Mix:star: avec cette fois-ci la belle voix de la chanteuse Lizzie Nightingale.
En ce qui me concerne, la version originale est la meilleure de ce package.

Côté remixes, on retrouvera Ian Friday pour un Libation Vox un peu triste je trouve quand Dave Wareing nous délivre un Redsoul Mix plutôt pumpin’ avec sa grosse basse deep.

Soulful et franchement réussis les remixes de Rightside et le Schooly’s Quarter2Midnight Mix.

En fait ce sont les remixes les plus calmes, les meilleurs.

Une release à recommander.

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