Stonedove : 1990

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Full Support : Release Date 01st September 2014

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Stonedove : 1990

2014 – SoulFunktion Records

Stonedove : 1990


Record-Label Info

For his debut on SoulFunktion Records, Stonedove brings you a delicious piece of 1990’s inspired house, with two SoulFunktion mixes to complete the release.

The original mix comes with Italian house inspired piano and uplifting strings and vocals. Next is the SoulFunktion Twilight mix with the SoulFunktion boys adding their trademark deep and soulful sound. The release is completed by the SoulFunktion Sunset mix which will take you to a sunset vibe at Café Del Mar.

Stonedove, aka Geoff McGuire, is a Manchester based musician, DJ & producer. Geoff was producing music throughout the 1990’s and is hooked on the piano driven house music from that era. In 2012 he released his debut track “Find Us” and did remixes of NDB1’s “Brighter Days” and “Positive thinking”.
An accomplished pianist who can turn his hand to most instruments loves to make soulful, melodic musical bass heavy key driven vibes inspired by jangly pianos, rising strings and summer sounds with a glance back to the 1990 glory days of house.


Manutek’s Review

Les claviers résonnants sur l’Original Mix de ce dub vocal produit par Geoff McGuire vous rappelleront sans nul doute les premières productions de Musto/Simonelli sur le label Sub-Urban ou celles des Jazz N Groove.
Oui, nous sommes bien de retour dans les années 90’s, et cela fait parfois du bien de revenir aux sources de la Soulful actuelle.

Le duo Brian Keys Tharme et Wally Walton nous offrent deux versions dans un style underground avec un SoulFunktion Twilight Remix qui sent bon le Speed Garage anglais à la Tuff Jam plus un Sunset Remix assez répétitif et limite tech-house, qui passe à la trappe de ma sélection.

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