Wipe The Needle feat. Alex Lattimore : Did You Ever

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Best Of The Month : Release Date 05th October 2015

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Wipe The Needle feat. Alex Lattimore : Did You Ever

2015 – Slapped Up Soul

Wipe The Needle feat. Alex Lattimore : Did You Ever


Record-Label Info

Wipe the Needle – a name that is synonymous with quality production is spearheaded by talented London producer Lee Gomez. Originating in 2005, Wipe The Needle primarily focused on the dance music scene, making quality house beats, and merging styles and moods, such as soulful, deep, dark, tech, and covering a wide range of house subgenres. Wipe the Needle productions made an immediate impact on the London house scene and began to feature on various labels including Defected, 4th Floor, Restless Soul, Deeply Rooted House, Raw Fusion, Groove Odyssey, Solid Ground, Broadcite, Slip n Slide, and Soundmen on Wax. Respected London DJs Neil Pierce and Aaron Ross featured several releases in their sets, and the word soon spread that Wipe The Needle had arrived – a heavyweight force on the dance scene. The productions went from strength to strength and Wipe The Needle is now an established act worldwide, featuring regularly on radio, top DJ sets and in the charts.

Wipe The Needle productions include artists such as Lifford Shillingford, Michael Proctor, Eddie Stockley, CT Martin, Gary Bardouille, Pauline Henry, Michelle Weeks, Tshaka Campbell, Xavier, Gregory Purnell, Circle of Funk, Soulful Session, Dawn Tallman, Tascha Johnson, Fred Triplett and Foremost Poets to name a few.

Chicago native Alex Lattimore has loved music since he could walk and talk. He showed an aptitude for music at a very early age and absorbed knowledge quickly becoming an accomplished musician skilled in piano and trumpet, and went on to perform with various bands including Chicago Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, Roosevelt University Jazz Band, and the University of Chicago Chamber Orchestra. Having been deeply involved in the art for many years, he has become a respected songwriter, producer and arranger as well as an outstanding vocalist. Alex has shared a stage with the likes of Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Michael McDonald, The Impressions, Eddie Levert, India Arie, Earl Klugh, Roy Ayers, Loose Ends, and Maysa Leak and his performances have featured on several albums. Alex released his first solo album called “Promise” in 2008, and he continues to go from strength to strength with his talents very much in demand throughout the worldwide music community.

The lyrics of “Did You Ever” follow the romantic dialogue of a man yearning to be together with a long awaited love, and Alex delivers the vocals with ease and heartfelt passion. His voice is smooth and natural, soothing the listener with its honey tones and outstanding clarity.

Wipe The Needle’s production is upbeat and lively with gorgeous piano, mesmerising percussion and a bouncy samba vibe which is versatile enough for any audience to enjoy.

Wipe The Needle and Alex Lattimore have created a wonderful partnership here, the quality production a perfect backdrop to the exquisite vocals and storyline. This is definitely a track which will appeal to audiences wide and far.
SUS021 Did You Ever – Wipe The Needle, Alex Lattimore – released on Slapped Up Soul

By Sue McDonald (Twitter: @SueVMcDonald)


Manutek’s Review

Mon dieu que c’est bon de lister des titres comme celui-là.
Je me suis vraiment régalé avec cette nouvelle production de Lee Gomez.

Encore un de ces titres que j’écouterai avec plaisir dans 10 ans assurément.

L’Original Mix comme son Instrumental sont des modèles de ballades Soulful, avec une instrumentation riche et soignée. On notera notamment la qualité des congas, les strings langoureuses et le synthé lead « façon DJ Spinna » vers le milieu du morceau.

Did You Ever est interprété avec talent par Alex Lattimore, natif de Chicago, une ville qui a beaucoup donné de talents à la musique House.

En lisant sa biographie on constate qu’Alex a partagé la scène avec bon nombre d’artistes célèbres tels que Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Michael McDonald, Roy Ayers, Loose Ends ou encore Maysa Leak. Impressionnant !
Une chose est sûre… sa voix vous transportera sur ce magnifique titre de plus de 8 minutes.

Best Of The Month … rien à dire de plus !

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  1. So soulful, so jazzy, so beautifully arranged! In my book this is one of the top ten Jams of the year.

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