Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham : The Pap

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Full Support : Release Date 26th September 2014

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Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham : The Pap

2014 – Gogo Music

Ralf GUM : In My City LP


Record-Label Info

Ralf GUM reveals the second single from his forthcoming ‘In My City’ album, titled ‘The Pap’ which features the outstanding NYC vocalist Monique Bingham, following up from their 2012 South African #1 chart smash, ‘Take Me To My Love’. A slice of dance floor soul with its afrocentric roots fully immersed in the deep, ‘The Pap’ is co-produced by the inimitable Phil Kullmann (Raw Artistic Soul). The song talks of Monique’s first experience in South Africa, where she hung out with locals around the table, all grabbing Pap from the plate with their hands.

« I’ve been having a love affair with South Africa these past few years, I’ve been really flirting with with moving to Jo’Burg. ‘The Pap’ is symbolic of my heart and how South Africa has touched my heart, I put my fingers in my Pap. » – Monique Bingham

Jumping straight in on the No.1 spot on iTunes South Africa on day of release and already one of the most celebrated albums of 2014 in the motherland, House veteran DJ/producer Ralf GUM is getting ready to release his third album, ‘In My City’, unto the rest of the world on GOGO Music. Crafted with his soulful, organic, afrcocentric signature sounds, ‘In My City’ is a tapestry of beautifully weaved songs and features local South African, international, established and upcoming artists, including Hugh Masekela, Omar, Monique Bingham, Dele Sosimi, Portia Monique, Lee Bling, Jocelyn Mathieu and KB.


Manutek’s Review

Petite session de rattrapage pour ceux d’entre vous qui auraient manqué l’excellent nouvel album de Ralf Gum, In My City, dont je vous ai récemment parlé (lire la revue).

The Pap interprété par Monique Bingham est le deuxième single extrait de l’album après la sortie ‘Free (Is All I Wanna Be)’ il y a quelques semaines.

Le morceau dans sa version 12″ Main Mix gagne près d’une minute mais est globalement le même que celui de l’album. Une instrumentation minimale qui met en valeur la belle voix de Monique sur une rythmique afro. Efficace.

Un Instrumental et une version radio complètent le package.

My selection:

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